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What sets Now What? Apart?

Far from the typical gap year track, mine incorporated travel, meticulous planning, professional internships, academics and spiritual retreats. I funded and organized it almost entirely by myself, including every internship, travel plan and housing situation. Now What? will show you the answers that you want and need about how to compose your answer to Now what? This is an inside look at the methodology, turn-by-turn adventures, honest reflection and personal anecdotes that will leave students and their parents with the vital life lessons that can be learned outside of the lecture hall.

Why write the book?

After my gap year was featured in multiple national publications, it became clear that my gap year itself wasn’t what struck the nerve of the nation. Rather, it was an underlying realization that tiger moms and trophies weren’t making our kids happier, more academically inclined, or certain of their professional choices. And there I was at the heart of it all: the Ivy League reject that found all three, on her own homemade game plan. Perhaps I had found an answer.