Here’s How to Speak When You Want to Be Heard

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You can’t afford to be ignored.
The world needs your genius.

When opportunity knocks...

You need sound-writing
to ensure what you say
motivates ACTION.

Recognize The Sound-Writing Advantage

People don’t care what you say, they care how you say it. The 3-Step Sequence for Sound-Writing integrates scientific research on sound and cognition into a method for writing speeches that maximizes audience attention and information retention. Simply put, Sound-Writing is how good ideas because great presentations that people love listening to and remember. Sound-writers looks at speeches the way songwriters look at music.

When you Sound-Write your presentations… 

…your information is written in a way that enables your compelling delivery. …you can emotionally move your audience into taking action. …your presentations are more engaging and memorable so your genius can finally get the attention it deserves.

Meet the Founder of Sound-Writing

Monika Lutz is a college reject turned Harvard University Valedictorian in pursuit of communication excellence. As a professional ghostwriter for copy, courses, speeches and books, Monika dedicates her days to capturing the genius of leaders and delivering it to the masses. She’s helped clients reach career highs such as deliver TED Main Stage speeches (with millions of views), publish Amazon bestselling books, land 5-figure keynotes, and more. In her own right, Monika is a 3-time Harvard University record-breaker, award-winning public speaker, former blogger for a national newspaper, and Amazon bestselling author.

Now, You Can Get
the Sound-Writing Advantage
Here’s how:

What People Say

Specialized in branded content creation that sets you apart
“You are such a genius! I finished reading through the script that you sent and— OMG—the acronym you invented for me is pure genius. Magic! Incredible! Thank you for all you’ve done.”
Expert, Author, and TEDx Speaker
“Thanks so much for your creativity, passion, heart listening, and incredibly skilled writing. I not only enjoyed myself, I also continue to be blown away by the way you went to bat for [me]. Your work definitely paid off.”
Expert and Trainer
Burn the midnight oil to ensure speakers have every advantage they need to succeed:
"Thanks again for your heroic efforts to get me a draft so quickly. That draft was ammunition that supported my case and the execs eventually approved!…I really enjoyed working with you.”
Expert, Renowned Entrepreneur, and TED Speaker
Burn the midnight oil to ensure speakers have every advantage they need to succeed:
“Thank you for the incredible work. I would have been lost without you on this script.”
Author, Medical Doctor, and TEDx Speaker

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